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   The Redlands began using A.I. technology in 1974. Today Bob, Al, Jenny, and Chad are all qualified to A.I.  Sire selection has always been based on pedigree, performance, maternal and carcass traits. Ultrasound is another innovation to be used on the herd. The Redlands have been ultrasound carcass testing for the better part of two decades and all commercial heifers are ultrasound pregnancy checked.


Among the bulls that have set the basis for Redland Red Angus are FCC Rambo 502, a strong maternal and growth bull. His son RED Rocket R233 was the first animal sold in the Redland’s sale barn and sold for $45,000 in 1993. The Chiefline bulls Like RED Patriot 629 are noted for their calving ease and performance. RED Bob Forward Pass 646 was the highest gaining, highest weight per day of age, and the highest marbling score of close to 400 bulls that were entered in the 1997 Canadian Red Angus Test. His birth weights were modest for a bull with these credentials – bulls in the 80’s, heifers in the 70’s. Flying K Pat 43C and RED Price 631 are other sires that met the Redland’s performance criteria in their feedlot and make tremendous replacement females.

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